The Public Participation and Accountability Facilitation Fund (PARAFF) is one of the first projects that supports social organisations to promote participation of citizens and accountability of government authorities in law making. The project was implemented from September 2012 to December 2015 with the total budget of about 50 billion dong (~2.2 million US$).

Anchored with the Office of the National Assembly of Vietnam, the Public Participation and Accountability Facilitation Fund (PARAFF) aims to promote public participation and accountability in law-making and policy development processes by strengthening the engagement of Vietnamese Non-Governmental Organisations in these processes at national and sub-national levels as well as in monitoring the implementation of these.

PARAFF form a part of the “Good Governance and Public Administration Reform Programme, phase II” (GOPA II), aiming at strengthening the development of democratic governance and public management and accountability in Vietnam. The Fund is co-funded by the Government of Denmark and the UK Department for International Development (DFID)

Target Organisations

PARAFF aims to support Vietnamese non-governmental organisations (VNGOs), mass organisations, socio-political organisations, professional associations and community-based groups, collectively referred to as social organisations.

PARAFF  PARAFF has actively aimed to reach out to organisations that are based outside of Hanoi since they have less opportunities to engage in policy advocacy. This approach has attracted grantees from 17 provinces undertaking activities in 30 provinces throughout Vietnam. 

Forms of Support 

The support to NGOs is provided through a Grant Fund and a Capacity Building Facility, enabling them to implement small projects that promote public participation and enhance accountability.

The Grant Fund scheme has financed 49 outstanding initiatives with a total budget of about 36 billion dong (~1.6 million US$). The awarded projects were selected from 273 proposals submitted under four competitive rounds of call-for-proposals between May 2013 and December 2014.

Amongst the funded projects, 47 small grants ranging from VND 400-800 million each were awarded to projects with a duration of up 12 months. Two organisations were awarded core funding grants of 1.4 and 3.0 billion VND to carry out longer duration projects of 15 and 21 months respectively.

Many grantees perceived the Grant Fund as a catalyst for their policy engagement. For them this was the first time ever they have taken part in policy advocacy and mobilised local people and communities to engage on legislative issues. Funding from PARAFF motivated them to accelerate their advocacy activities as they would either not have had enough resources or the skills to timely pursue their cause without the grant.

Support Areas

1. Research conducted on key issues related to legislative and law-making processes of key themes relevant to poverty eradication, democratic governance and NGOs’ roles in promoting public participation and accountability.

2. Awareness of NGOs and key partners have been raised about the rights and opportunities provided by the present legislation related to public participation and accountability.

3. NGO lead initiatives on monitoring of legislative processes, implementation of government policies and budgets at national and sub-national levels conducted and feedback provided to Government and Elected representatives.

Of the 49 grant projects, 12 are research projects, 15 awareness raising projects, 8 monitoring initiatives, and 14 networking projects. Most projects focused on more than one areas of support. 

4. Strengthened networking among NGOs and other key stakeholders for enhanced engagement in legislative and law-making processes, in policy dialogues with the National Assembly and the People’s Councils, and Government agencies at various levels.

5. Institutional and organisation capacity building initiatives developed and conducted for enhanced NGO engagement in law, legislative and policy making processes and monitoring.

PARAFF Operation

Management and organisation of the sub-component is based on the following:

  • Steering Committee
  • Grant Fund Committee
  • Fund Manager

The Steering Committee oversees the overall implementation with five representatives of the Office of the National Assembly, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance, the Danish Embassy and DFID Vietnam.

The Grant Fund Committee of five members well respected professionals appointed by the Steering Committee reviews project proposals and award grants. 

·       The Fund Manager, selected by the Steering Committee, has the financial and overall management responsibility for all funds channelled to the Grant Fund and reports to the Steering Committee on all relevant issues.

·       The Fund Manager established PARAFF Secretariat in Hanoi, which is responsible for the day-to-day management of PARAFF