Enhancing Capacity for VNGOs

PARAFF has played an important role in building capacity for the grantee organisations, helping them to begin or improve from passive to more active policy advocacy. A total of about 8 billion VND (~0.4 million US$) were allocated to different forms of capacity building initiatives.

The Capacity Building Facility has supported grantees to deliver the following results at national and local levels:

  • VNGOs are more aware of the rights and opportunities provided by the present legislation related to public participation and accountability
  • VNGOs are more able to engage in participatory planning, in the development of laws and policies and in monitoring their implementation
  • VNGOs are more capable to conduct research and promote public participation and accountability in planning, development and implementation of laws

The Capacity Building Facility organised a number of activities for knowledge and skills improvement with special focus on advocacy for VNGOs that have been awarded PARAFF grants, including research, policy monitoring & advocacy, communication skills, especially enhanced role and skills on social accountability with the aim to strengthen evidence-based research and advocacy activities, information and lessons sharing, cooperation, dialogues and networking with the concerned stakeholders. 

“What we do in other projects is only to communicate and disseminate laws. With PARAFF we have capacity to monitor law implementation. It is our first and so far the only project of such nature.”

Vietnam Blind Association


PARAFF provided a number of support for grantees

1 Technical Training
  • Grant Management (financial management, project implementation and reporting) to help the grantees become familiar with PARAFF’s regulations and requirements in project implementation and monitoring, technical progress and financial reporting, project financial management, accounting and procurement, including cost norms
  • Research Skills to improve the capacity of grantees in law and policy analysis and assessment, which is essential for the advocacy
  • Advocacy Skills to introduce and practice different advocacy types/forms, processes, methods, tools and development a strategy for advocacy, especially related to the development, amendment and supplements of the laws and policies
  • Media and Communication Skills for organisation and advocacy to enable the VNGOs to select types/forms and methods of communication, develop communication strategy, engage mass media and utilise social media websites and networks
  • Social Accountability and social accountability/social audit tools to help the grantees become more aware of their role in social accountability, and on the other hand provide them with social accountability/social audit tools as well as to enable them to develop and conduct a social accountability programme/plan for their own organisation or for a group of organisations who share the same interest
2 Thematic Workshops

These were opportunities to strengthen dialogue and exchange views between the grantees and representatives from National Assembly Committees, Departments of the ONA and VNGOs with strong policy advocacy experience. Dialogues focused on laws and bills that are being or will be discussed during the up-coming sessions of the National Assembly.

Purposes of thematic workshop:

(i)  Improve the quality of their contributions/feedback from the on-going projects to the development, amendment and supplement for laws and bills
(ii) Strengthen exchanges and dialogues, questions and answers between representatives of law making bodies and the social organisations that are making their contributions to the development of these laws
(iii) Share experiences and lessons learnt between the VNGOs from the implementation of projects of the same themes and advocacy channels
(iv) Strengthen the cohesion and future cooperation between VNGOs in advocacy activities

This was also a valuable opportunity to gain practical knowledge for staff of the National Assembly in charge of appraising laws and bills.    

3 Annual Stakeholder Forum

This was another dialogue mechanism for grantees to receive feedback on their law recommendations from representatives of the National Assembly, People's Councils and local authorities, as well as sharing experience and learning from other organisations. 

Purposes of the forum:

(i) be able to gain the best quality in mobilising public participation in contributing to the development, amendment and supplement for the laws and bills, and improving the accountability of the Governments at all levels

(ii) develop broad networks for advocacy of VNGOs and other development partners

(iii) develop and maintain cooperation and relationship with the National Assembly and related bodies in charge of drafting and appraising laws and bills to improve the learning about laws and contribute to bring the laws into real life

4 Direct Coaching

The PARAFF Secretariat provided direct support to grantees that experience technical and financial issues, and through monitoring trips to help the projects to stay track of the goal and objectives, and improve quality of recommendations. 


5 Practical Handbooks

 Together with the technical trainings, PARAFF provided grantees with reference handbooks including 

  • Policy Advocacy Handbook 
  • Policy Monitoring Handbook
  • Social Accountability Handbook