Enhancing networking and collaboration for Northern VNGOs

Grantee Organisation: Centre for Sustainable Development of Mountainous Communities (SUDECOM)

Project Location: Yen Bai Province

Project Duration: December 2013 - November 2014


The problem: NorthNet is a network of 12 local NGOs based in several northern mountainous provinces, working together with the same goal, to support sustainable development of ethnic minority communities in the region. As development assistance is shifting towards influencing policies for more sustainable results, only one fifth of NorthNet member organisations have been exposed to policy advocacy, other members also need to enhance their capacities and skills to apply this approach. Besides, ethnic minority communities, whom NorthNet members are serving, have limited chance to participate in the process of decision-making and monitoring mechanisms. This is also due to a lack of accountability mechanisms for the authorities to abide by.

The solution: SUDECOM seized the opportunity of the National Assembly’s discussion on the amendment of the Law on the organisation of People's Councils and People's Committees as the practical learning ground. A number of trainings and workshops were organised for NorthNet members to improve their knowledge and skills on the Law in force and the ordinance on government’s accountability, people’s rights to supervise the implementation of the policies as provided under the 2013 Constitution. SUDECOM initiated a model to mobilize ethnic minority communities’ participation to comment on the draft Law on Local Government Institutions (renamed) together with NorthNet members, development partners, local authorities and mass organisations, law and policy makers at all levels throughout the pilot.


  • Collaboration between NorthNet member organisations has been strengthened, they are able to engage more in advocacy/community consultation to contribute to laws and policies, particularly the Law on Local Government Institutions
  • The decision making mechanism is improved in local governance and enhanced public participation on formulating and monitoring the implementation of policies and laws through conducting pilot models in Yen Bai province
  • Ethnic minority communities are aware of their participation rights in law/policies development and the implementation process, and have increased access to information

Ethnic minority communities whom NorthNet members are serving have increased chance to participate in the process of decision-making and monitoring mechanisms