Community consultation on the application of the law on vocational training

Grantee Organisation: Research Centre for Development of Rural Resources (CRDR)

Project Location: Ha Tinh Province

Project Duration: May-October 2014

The problem: The Law on Vocational Training passed in November 2006 has shown a number of issues such as limitations in responding to labour market demand, irrational vocational training structures, levels and methods, vocational teachers lacking both quantity and quality etc.

The solution: As the National Assembly was in the process of amending the law, CRDR seized the opportunities to collect evidence from different communities in the province on the law’s implementation to make recommendations for improvements. The project mobilized local partners at commune, district and provincial levels as well as NGOs to join the research, after they had received trainings on research skills, communication and community consultation. About 380 rural labourers, teachers and students of vocational schools, officers from mass associations, leaders of several local enterprises and local authorities at all levels were consulted. A number of communication activities were implemented including mass media to enhance awareness of different target audiences on vocational training implementation, policy advocacy and amendment of the Law on Vocational Training.


  • Findings from the research and other communication materials such as articles, video clips on the actual situation in implementation of vocational training and feasible application of skills gained after training have contributed to increased awareness of local communities and government authorities alike.
  • CRDR distributed evidence-based recommendations to the amendment of the Law on Vocational Training to the provincial delegation to the National Assembly for further submission.




As part of the research, 11 case studies on successful application of vocational training were collected