Better public participation in local environmental protection regulations, improved implementation

Grantee Organisation: Song Hong Consultancy Centre for Rural Development (Song Hong NGO)

Project Location: Vinh Phuc Province

Project Duration: October 2013 - November 2014

The problem: Mechanisation for mass production has caused serious air pollution for the traditional carpentry town of Thanh Lang. Paint and wood waste from 70 percent of the town’s families, who maintain the traditional craft as well as household waste are affecting the environment and health of the community in the area. Both residents and the local authorities feel perplexed by the lack of local regulations to address the pressing environmental problems.

The solution: Song Hong NGO offered both the authorities and residents a wide range of environmental awareness activities such as training, workshop and competitions as well as distribution of flyers and newsletters about the environmental law and policies. The local community got to discuss how to deal with their environmental contamination problems and engaged in the development and implementation of local environment protection policies, and a complaint and feedback mechanism.


  • Local residents and authorities engaged and contributed to the town’s Environmental Protection Regulations that has been endorsed by the Local People’s Committee and implemented.
  • Both the local community and authorities have gained better understanding of environmental policies and what they can and should do to protect the environment and improve labour hygiene and safety. A number of measures have been applied to improve local environmental conditions, to which the people are willing to follow. The solutions include a waste collection system, investment to build paint and wood-dust treatment devices, no overtime production and reduction of noise pollution.

"Usually policies are applied top-down, people don’t see their participation. Unlike this local regulation - people discussed and agreed on the specific solutions, and once approved by the People’s Committee, it became the basis for them to follow"

Nguyen Duy Muoi, Thanh Lang People’s Committee Vice Chairman

Carpenter Nguyen Van La is amongst those who have invested in paint and wood-dust treatment facility to improve labour hygiene and safety.