Enhancing community supervision in the efficient management and usage of water resource

Grantee Organisation: Institute for Economics, Construction and Urban Studies (IECUS)

Project Location: Quang Nam Province

Project Duration: September 2015 - August 2015

The problem: Villagers living downstream of Vu Gia - Thu Bon river have been suffering from flooding and drought caused not by natural disasters but by uncontrolled discharge of water by hydro-power plants. A Vuong Hydro-Power Plant is the first company in the country to support community supervision to monitor the release of A Vuong reservoir water in the rainy season. The model however seems symbolic because the idea came from and is dependent on the plant while the community are not able to play a key role in monitoring.

The solution: Assessing the current status and efficiency as well as to identify issues related to the community supervision mechanisms in the operation of A Vuong hydro-power reservoir, identifying better community-and-stakeholder-participatory monitoring models to contribute to supplementing and amending the regulations and policies related to community supervision in the operations of the hydro-power reservoir.


  • The project has contributed to raising awareness of the rights and capacities of community supervision. Local residents know more about their right to participate and have a say, balancing interests between the government, business and people in making use of the water resources and the benefits of hydro power.
  • Evidence collected from the research has shown the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the current community monitoring model and the need for another mechanism where the local communities play proactive roles in monitoring reservoir management in Vu Gia – Thu Bon River. On that basis, IECUS have recommended Regulations on Community Supervision in the Operation of Hydro-Power Reservoir, which has been endorsed by the provincial authorities. The legal application of the regulation into other hydro-power water resources elsewhere is underway.


"... Policy makers advised that we should consider a national regulation to be endorsed by the Prime Minister thus we must revise it to be applicable nationwide not just for A Vuong reservoir..."

Ngo Tan Hung, Vice Director of IECUS