Capacity building support for social organisations

Develop the capacity of organisations that expressed and interest

PARAFF has paid attention to enhancing the capacity of the NGOs right from the moment when they expressed their interest in the opportunity to apply for PARAFF support. Through the outreach workshops, interested and eligible organisations were provided with information about the Fund and the contents of each call for proposal to help them fully understand the scope and size of support, including themes and support areas as well as the requirements on the technical and financial proposals. They were also informed transparently informed about the evaluation criteria for applications.

Apart from helping them understand how to write a successful proposal, the workshops helped them understand the law-making process of the National Assembly, opportunities and channels for making their contributions to laws and policies and timeframe for submitting their contributions and proposals derived from their local reality. Furthermore, during the workshops, organisations that had the potential but needed support, especially NGOs based outside the large cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, were provided with an opportunity for direct counselling.

Such concrete support helped the applicants to articulate their ideas for a full application and guide them on how to write a project proposal, specifically problem analysis, research methodology, activity planning and budgeting.

 Support the organisations in implementing the grants

A capacity building programme was implanted for PARAFF’s grantees aimed to support these organisations in successfully implementing the grant projects funded by PARAFF, as well as their own programmes of advocacy so that there will gradually be more NGOs participating in the development and amendment of laws and bills, thereby providing the law- and policy makers with more and more evidence-based information from the communities and localities where they are operating.

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