PARAFF Connected Social Organisations with National Assembly Agencies

PARAFF aimed at supporting a constructive and active policy dialogue by creating opportunities for Vietnamese NGOs and policy makers to meet and to interact with each other. In addition to the grants and capacity building initiatives, PARAFF linked VNGOs and policy makers directly through activities such as thematic workshops and annual stakeholder forums.

Thematic workshops enabled grantees to directly interact with representatives from departments under the Office of the National Assembly and National Assembly committees in charge of appraising laws and bills. Annual stakeholder forums also provided a platform for dialogues on law and policy recommendations with the participation of representatives of the NA, and policy makers at local level. It also provided an opportunity to share and learn experience amongst grantees.

For many grantee organisations, especially those outside of Ha Noi, this was their first time exposed to the National Assembly Office, Committees or other policy making bodies through such events organised by PARAFF.